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Amazon (AWS) Ec2 automatic SnapShot

Bash script for Automatic EBS Snapshots and Cleanup on Amazon Web Services (AWS) How it works: will: Determine the instance ID of the EC2 server on which the script runs Gather a list of all volume IDs attached to that instance Take a snapshot of each attached volume The script will then delete all […]

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Shell script to reset ebtables on Linux

Ebtables is an application program used to set up and maintain the tables of rules (inside the Linux kernel) that inspect Ethernet frames. It is analogous to the iptables application, but less complicated, due to the fact that the Ethernet protocol is much simpler than the IP protocol. ebtables used with bridges on Linux. The […]

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How To Install Foreman With Puppet In CentOS And Ubuntu

About Foreman Foreman is an open source application that can be used to manage, provision, configure, and monitor a single or group of servers. Foreman smart proxy architecture allows you to automate repetitive tasks, quickly deploy applications, proactively manage change using configuration management systems such as Puppet, Chef and Salt. Foreman has an interactive and […]

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